Discover Rural Spain

One of the things that make Spain such a great vacation destination is that it somehow has them all: the   sunny beaches, the never sleeping cities and the quaint old villages. Rural Spain offers you just as much charm and history as the rustling Barcelona. Part of this specific charm lies in the multitude of landscapes and lifestyles that Spanish countryside displays. Far from the cosmopolitan atmosphere typical for the big cities, rural Spin uncovers another type of diversity, on rooted in its very soul. Here’s an attempt to discover rural Spain and make a brief description of its most picturesque regions:


View of Girona

by Horrabin

Barcelona might be exuberant, but its vicinities shouldn’t be ignored, either. As you go north form Barcelona and closer to the peaks of the Pyrenees, you’ll run into the province of Girona. Girona itself  is a splendid, history-infused town which is perfect for a day-trip. Nestled in the green valleys of the Pyrennes, you’ll find charming mountain villages, as well as the famous Castellfollit de la Roca, a narrow stone village standing on a volcanic ridge.


Gypsy Horse Fair

by Dominic

The hot summers of southern Spain seem to have influenced the character of the Andalusian people, making them so charismatic and temperamental. This is where everything that is generally associated with Spanish culture can be witnessed, from bullfighting to flamenco dance nights. Also, the Moorish architecture and the exuberant Spanish gypsies with their colorful clothes are undoubtedly Andalusian.


Rugged Coast of Cantabria

by Nicholas Cherel

Cantabria is a small region in Northern Spain, famous for its mural paintings dating form the paleolithic and also for its oceanic climate that makes its fields and forests always look green. In addition to its caves and archeological patrimony, rural Cantabria is also host to numerous fairs, festivals and religious manifestations.


Typical stone chruch in Asturias

by Horrabin

Right east of Cantabria you’ll find another of Spain’s out of the beaten path splendors: Asturias. The historical town of Oviedo got lots of international attention after being a filming location for a Woody Allen movie. Here you can discover another side of rural Spain: lovely mountain villages, high altitude lakes, as well as the delicious cider that is typical to this region.



by FreeCat

Known as Galicia, the north-eastern extremity of the Iberian Peninsula makes a perfect destination for the easygoing wanderer in each of us. Santiago de Compostella, the ending point of one of the most famous pilgrimage routes in history, lies in the center of this tranquil and sunny region. All over Galicia you can discover coquette villas, tasty seafood and some of the finest vines.


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