Chic winter resorts in Northern Spain

Catalan Pyrenees ©Javi sas/Flickr

You might think of Spain as the place to sunbathe and party, but it is equally true that Spain can be a pretty decent ski destination. Spain is a big enough country to encompass several mountain ranges, among which the spectacular Pyrenees which create a natural border between Spain and France. A few smaller resorts can also be found close to Madrid, in the regions of Leon and Cantabria. One important thing to remember is that, although the Spanish ski resorts are not as impressive and popular as those in Switzerland or Austria, they offer the advantage of lower prices.  With this being said, let us see some really chic winter resorts in Northern Spain:

San Isidro, Cantabria

One of the biggest resorts in Cantabria, San Isidro receives considerable numbers of visitors. This is due to its convenient location which makes accessible from both Oviedo and Leon, but also due to its natural setting. The resort is well equipped for various types of weather and skiers of all levels, having several dozen snow canons, a total of 23 kilometers of ski runs, of which 11 different runs are suitable for advanced skiers.

San Isidro ©Teleyinex/Flickr

Benasque, Aragon

There are numerous winter resorts to choose from in Aragon, by the reason why Benasque made it to our list of chic resorts is its versatile nature and protected area status. Not only will Benasque visitors surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Spanish Pyrenees, but summer or winter, they are free to explore these beauties. There are only 3 ski runs in Benasque, however the approximately 26 kilometers of cross country skitrails, its ancient glaciers and surrounding summits make it worth traveling here.

Benasque ©oargi/Flickr

Baqueira Beret, Catalonia

Allegedly the biggest ski resort in the Pyrenees, Baqueira Beret is frequented no only due to its remarkable amenities (there are over 500 snow cannons and a little over 100 kilometers of ski runs) but also due to its wealthy visitors. Two of the great advantages of staying here is the extent and variety of its ski runs, as well as the quality of its apres-ski life.

Catalan Pyrenees ©Javi sas/Flickr

Boí Taüll , Catalonia

Those who want to enjoy the fantastic scenery of the Catalan Pyrenees and in the same time have some privacy and tranquility, might as well opt for the Boí Taüll resort. With 49 ski runs this resorts couldn’t be qualified as small, but due to the numerous ski schools and numerous beginner and intermediate tracks, Boí Taüll has built a strong reputation as a friendly, family resort.

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