Cheap flights to Barcelona

Tips to acquire cheap flights to Barcelona

To finally find cheap flights to Barcelona, first of all it is crucial to browse many travel search engines to compare the costs and find the cheapest one. Do not only look for airfares to Barcelona-El Prat, it can easily be better to take a flight to a neighboring town/city and rent a car to travel to the city. Keep in mind that it can be less pricey to fly there from Monday to Friday especially if you decide to remain over a weekend, in this way you will economize and have time to discover the best places in the area.

The ideal time to take a flight to Barcelona

High season in the area is through July to August, that’s a fact that means lively bars and clubs, presumably more favorable temperatures and also additional events and festivals but also more people, crowds and larger rates. In addition, low season comes about over January to March, which usually means lower costs, a lot less visitors, but also a few inconveniences, like much less suitable activities or bad weather. Based on these facts we consider that overall the nicest period of time to head to the city should be somewhere between low and high season, that falls on September to December and April to June.

Good to know facts about Barcelona and the flights going there

  • Singapore Airlines has got the longest flight arriving to El Prat Intl; the plane is coming from Changi.
  • Presently approximately 1.622 million residents have their home in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Barcelona is located in the GMT+1 time zone, as a consequence, considering your starting point, you have a chance to suffer from jet-lag.
  • The least long flight coming to Barcelona is operated by Barcelona-El Prat and it takes off in Palma, Palma Mallorca.
  • The city is in connection with a lot of various airports from all over, 144 more precisely.

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