Cheap Flights from San Francisco to Malaga

Cheap flights from San Francisco to Malaga

The medium price of a flight from San Francisco to Malaga is $1,318. Plus you can probably get some 10.5 thousand award miles for a flight like this. A flight from San Francisco to Malaga will be around $1,369 during low travel season while it goes up to $1,692 at the time of peak season. You might want to know that the cheapest rate ever found for the same route is $817, it was a British Airways flight discovered by travelers on Exploretrip. 

When to travel from San Francisco to Malaga

The most popular period is July to August in Malaga so tickets will probably be very pricey during this time. Assuming that you are hunting for budget ticket rates, we recommend you leave during November to March, over low season, when airlines tickets are usually more advantageous. We think that generally the right period to fly to the city from San Francisco is between low and high season, in April to June and September to October.

Helpful information about cheap flights from San Francisco to Malaga

  • The longest flight leaving Malaga is arriving to Moscow and it’s 2,346 miles (3,775 km) long.
  • The area of Malaga is served by 1 airport, which is Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.
  • The only airport of the city is about 3 miles away from the central part of the city.
  • San Francisco is in connection with 102 various airports in total.
  • The minimum distance between San Francisco and Malaga is 6,299 miles long, it is an only 1 hour flight.