Cheap Flights from Boston to Barcelona

Cheap flights from Boston to Barcelona

The usual price of a flight from Boston to Barcelona is $1,279. Good to know that one can await to receive approximately 9 thousand award miles for a flight on this route. A flight from Boston to Barcelona costs some $1,224 in low season while it gets as high as $1,400 in peak season. Good to know that the best rate ever found for the same route is $610, it was a United Airlines flight discovered by our users on However the cheapest airfare discovered in the past year is also good, just $723 round-trip for a Aer Lingus flight found for November 2012 on Expedia.

The best time to travel from Boston to Barcelona

Peak season is during July to August in Barcelona and because of this airfares will probably be really costly around that time with prices getting up to $1,400. Provided that you are hunting for budget ticket rates, it is smart if you leave during January to March, for low season, because at that time airlines tickets become more affordable. We believe that in general the right time to travel to the city from Boston is between low and high season, in September to December and April to June.

Useful information about cheap flights from Boston to Barcelona

  • The longest flight arriving to Barcelona-El Prat is 6,768 miles long and it departs from Singapore Changi, Changi.
  • The shortest flight departing from Barcelona is only 123 miles long and arrives to Palma Mallorca.
  • The longest possible flight distance between Boston and Barcelona is 6,275 miles.
  • The city of Barcelona is served by 1 airport, called Barcelona-El Prat Intl. Airport.
  • The medium distance for a flight between Boston and Barcelona is 4,827 miles (7,768 kilometers) so you should anticipate a normal 13 hours and 21 minutes journey.