Budget Traveling to Madrid

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The problem with budget traveling is that you always go home regretting that you haven’t done such or so thing just because you were too careful with your money. Seeing great places on a small budget is a great accomplishment, but it can also have its disadvantages: there are many guilty little pleasures you have to abstain from when on a small budget.
One great way to make sure that you’ll have enough money when traveling is to find a really cheap way of getting there. Which is why today’s post is called ‘Budget Traveling to Madrid’ as opposed to ‘Budget Traveling in Madrid’.
As visiting Madrid is our main goal here, I figured i should be searching for some save and cheap ways to get there. Transportation and accommodation are usually the most expensive things when traveling, but luckily, thanks to the existence of hostels and low cost airlines, they can both be adjusted to fit a small budget. So for those willing to see their trip to Madrid as less of a pleasure journey and more of a convenient way to get there, here are some quick tips:

International Arrivals

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If you are traveling to Madrid from a European country, you will be happy to find out that there are lots of air lines offering cheap flights. One very popular low cost operator with European (especially Birtish) travelers is Ryanair, however you can also try Easy Jet, Spanair, Blue Air or Air Berlin.
If you are flexible on your dates or are willing to spend a few hours just searching flight deals on the web, then flying would be your best option. Bus companies like Eurolines might also offer cheap trips to Madrid, but if you travel from Eastern Europe or Britain, this might take as much as 2 days. Another popular means for transportation in Europe are trains, but international trains tend to be a little pricey – however, there are such things as seasonal or one country passes, which might be convenient for those doing a Euro-trip.
One very important thing to consider for those traveling by air is the trip from the airport to the hotel. Many tourists would just simplify this by just taking a cab, which is likely the most expensive way to do it. Do check things in advance or ask at the information office: there are usually local buses and in some cases even commuter trains taking people from the airport to the city center.

Traveling to Madrid from Spain

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Traveling by bus is generally the cheapest way of traveling across Spain. unlike trains which are pretty expensive, buses can be almost as fast and comfortable at much lower rates. There are good connections between the main cities, but if you are coming from the islands, the best way to do it would be to check the budget airline sites again.
And one last important tip: for optimal results, remember to plan everything in advance!

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