Best water sports destinations in Spain

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Water sports fans shouldn’t avoid Spain just because it seems like the place where you just lay in the sun after a crazy fiesta night. Actually, exactly because of its beaches and numerous beach resorts, Spain is a great place to try out windsurfing, boating, scuba diving or many other water-related sports and activities. Also, one has to take into consideration that Spain, probably more than any other European country, has the great advantage of offering some all year round beach resorts (like the Canaries) and all sorts of marine landscapes. So in case you are wondering about the best water sports destinations in Spain, here are few of them:


The great advantages of this region in Southern Spain are the warm, dry climate and the fact that it has beaches on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean side. The calm and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean offer ideal conditions of scuba diving, which is also the reason why Andalusia is among the most popular diving destinations in Spain. On the other side the Iberian Peninsula, the Atlantic coast offers surf-perfect waves.

Canary Islands

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A tourist destination par excellence, the Canary Island offer the widest choice of water sports the country. Diving schools are frequent in the Canaries, but so is windsurfing. Also, in case you are less of an adrenaline seeker and just want a few hours of relaxation, there will be plenty of places in the Canaries where you can just rent a boat and fishing line and start waiting for the golden fish.

Balearic Islands

As you probably know very well, the Balearic Islands are the other group of islands famous for their summer resorts. With both luxury resorts such as Palma de Mallorca and youthful, noisy ones like Ibiza, the Balearic Islands were almost ‘forced’ to develop water sports facilities. Although diving, snorkeling and para-sailing are popular activities around these Mediterranean islands, the major water sports practiced here are boating and water skiing.

Costa Brava

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What came to be known as Costa Brava in Spain is no more and no less than the Spanish equivalent of the French Riviera. The combination between mountain, sea and white-washed fishing villages is proverbial, but the place is also a great water sports destination. The resorts along Costa Brava have all he standard attractions (para-sailing, banana boat etc), but, most importantly, they are famous for their water skiing schools.

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