Best New Year’s Eve Parties in Spain

by volantwish

Like almost everywhere in the world, the night between the years represents a very important moment and a good reason to celebrate in Spain. It’s usually a white night when people dress up, eat fancy food and party with their family and close friends. Noche Vieja, as it is best known in Spain, can be celebrated either in a club or restaurant or at home, in a more intimate atmosphere. If you are an expat in Spain or you are just curious to see how other people celebrate this holiday, you might want to check these best New Year’s Eve Parties in Spain:


by macrismiller

The greatest party New Year’s party is by far the one in Madrid. People from the capital gather around Puerta del Sol, where huge monitors count down the last seconds till the New Year, accompanied by a huge and cheerful crowd. After the fireworks show, the crowd splits off and people go to a bar or dance club where they party till dawn. If you intend to spend the New Year’s Eve in Madrid, be ready to face the big crowds and make sure you booked your entrance to the club or restaurant in advance.


The streets of Barcelona are filled not only by locals on the New Year’s Eve, but also by the thousands of tourists who come here attracted by the beauty of this Mediterranean city and its ever cheerful spirit. Unlike Madrid, Barcelona doesn’t have an official street party, but rather some smaller, private parties organized all over the Old Town (La Rambla) and even some beaches. There will be music, fireworks and dancing, but the usual routine is people having a festive dinner with family and then heading for a club.

Home sweet home

by volantwish

No matter where you are in Spain, you might just decide to spend the New Year’s Eve like most of the Spaniards, which is at home in the company of close friends. If you are invited by a Spanish family, remember to dress up formally and check with them the time when the dinner starts. Eating grapes in the last seconds of the year is the custom in Spain, so don’t look amazed if you see grapes on the table. Remember that the real party starts only after midnight, as an old (and apparently wise) Spanish superstition says it is best to start the New Year sober.


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