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madrid concert

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With a laid-back atmosphere and plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, Madrid has long earned its place among Europe’s best party destinations. A night out in Madrid usually happens in two stages: stage 1 – meet you friends for some tapas and a couple of beers (cerveza); stage 2 – hit the dance floor in a trendy club. Of course, this is not what Madrid nightlife is all about. Some people prefer concerts to dancing and live music to DJ sessions, but even so, Madrid won’t disappoint them. These best music bars in Madrid have some of the best live music in the country, and you can always count on a memorable gig when it comes to these Madrid establishments:

Cafe la Palma

A well-kept musical secret, Cafe la Palma is one of the oldest Madrid music bars, with a predominantly local crowd. This is where Madrid music lovers gather for their weekly sample of contemporary music. With an eclectic repertoire (the bar hosts rock gigs as well as DJ sessions) and typical lounge atmosphere, Cafe la Palma is ideal for relaxing, musical night.

Madrid cafe

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Sala Barco

No musical genre is forbidden in this popular Madrid bar. The party-hungry crowds fill the club’s dance halls every Friday and Saturday night, but for the rest of the week, Barco belongs to music lovers alone. The bar has thematic nights, so you can make your choice of a melancholic soul evening, an inspiring modern jazz session or a hot flamenco night depending on the day of the week.

Bogui Jazz

Madrid would not be the cosmopolitan, party capital that is without a few respectable jazz venues. Bogui Jazz is among the best known and most dedicated jazz bars in Madrid. The atmosphere is constantly warmed up by local bands, but every once in a while you’ll also get to listen to international jazz artists. The entrance fee is modest, considering the quality of gigs.

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Honky Tonk

With such a provocative name, it’s no wonder that this Madrid music bar enjoys so much success. The bar has been at the heart of Madrid’s rock music stage for quite a while. There are regular gigs at the Honky Tonk, promoting various rock genres such as indie, metal or alternative. But the best parties are definitely taking place in the weekends, when head bangers fill every corner of this club, and refuse to go home till early in the morning.

madrid concert

jam session ©Freebird_71/Flickr

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