Best flea markets in Spain

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With the revival of vintage fashion, flea markets all over Europe are becoming trendy again. Is it this or is it the lingering recession that attracts bargain hunters in bigger and bigger numbers? Well not matter what the reason, flea markets can be a fun place for tourists. Not only they can buy some cheap and very original souvenirs, but flea markets are a great place to meet people, learn about the local culture and work on your negotiation skills.

Spain has some really good flea markets, so if you have a free morning it would be a pity not to give them a try. Here are some of the best flea markets in Spain:

El Rastro, Madrid

Far more than a flea market, El Rastrohas become one of Madrid’s top attractions. There are many superlatives that stick to this famous Madrid market: some say it’s the largest in Europe, some that it is over 5 centuries old. El Rastro stretches for several streets in the Plaza de Cascorro area, which fill with colorful stands and thousands of visitors every Sunday morning. As for what can you buy here, the answer is pretty much everything: old and new clothes, electronics, antiques, hand-made accessories and even food.

Madrid market

El Rastro ©olgaberrios/Flickr

Ronda de San Antoni, Barcelona

Barcelona might not have any market that can compete with El Rastro in size of number of visitors, but like any European city it has its Sunday gathering, where people bring their extra items and where the usual vinyl, coin and old book sellers show up at the early hours. In Barcelona, this happens at Ronda de San Antoni – not the biggest or busiest of Barcelona markets, but the closest to the real definition of a flea market.

second hand merchendise

Bercelona flea market ©

Hippy Market, Ibiza

Ibiza might be a holiday destination best known for its nightlife, but it is equally true that one of the favorite daytime activities for its noisy crowds is bargain hunting. The Hippy Market(Mercadillo Hippy) is an Ibiza tradition so its enjoys plenty of visitors, however you should know that the hippy-style bandanas or multicolored T-shirts are not the only items you can purchase here.

market Ibiza

hippy market ibiza ©yashima/Flickr

This outdoor, laid-back market has dozens of stands, where local artists and artisans sell the most various hand-made products, from ashtrays to jewelry. During the summer months, several such markets are organized in Ibiza every week, with the biggest two being “Punta Arabi” on Wednesday and the “Las Dalias” Hippy Market on Monday.


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