Best Contemporary Art Museums and Galleries in Spain

modern art museum

Guggenheim Bilbao ©Maldita la hora/Flickr

For so many reasons, Spain is one of the best European destinations for cultural and historic trips. Century-old churches, art museums and medieval castles are just a few of Spain’s cultural assets which are popular with tourists. But in addition to these long-established attractions, Spain is also a great place to learn about modern art.

So if getting up to date with the trendiest Spanish artists and latest tendencies is what you are interested in, here’s a brief description of the very best contemporary art museums and galleries in Spain:

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

The name Guggenheim has long come to be associated with modern and contemporary art. As one of Spain’s most famous Museums, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is committed to host the best and most revolutionary contemporary artists. Itself a work of art designed by a world-famous architect, the Guggenheim museum features exhibits such as sculptures, paintings, photographs, or installations, which are usually grouped thematically. This way, visitors can more easily grasp the characteristics of a certain artistic movement, or get a deeper understanding of one artist’s work.

modern art museum

Guggenheim Bilbao ©Maldita la hora/Flickr

MACBA, Barcelona

The full name of this Barcelona Museum would be: the Contemporary Art Museum Barcelona. If you want to familiarize yourself with Barcelona’s contemporary art scene, the MACBA is the place to start. The museum is organized in the permanent exhibition rooms – usually displaying works form the museum’s own art collections – and the gallery rooms, where you will most likely find works by Catalan artists. Here you can encounter the most various forms of art, from multimedia creations to advertising, prints and installations.

Contemporary Art Museum Barcelona

MACBA ©puroticorico/Flickr

Andalusia Contemporary Art Center, Seville

An old monastery might not be the kind of place in which you would expect to find contemporary art, however happens to be the case with this museum in Seville. The museum’s permanent collections contain works by famous Andalusian artists, but the museums might also host temporary exhibitions form time to time. What is very interesting about this museum is that its building is not only very old, but is is also associated with one of the most famous explorers in history, Christopher Columbus.

Contemporary Arts Center, Malaga

Malaga is a prime beach holiday destination, but also the place where the famous painter Pablo Picasso was born. So no wonder that Malaga is also the place to find one of the best contemporary art museums and galleries in Spain. This Contemporary Arts Center is not very big, but it can help you get a wider picture of Spain’s contemporary art scene, and especially the artists of Andalusia.

Malaga museum

Contemporary Arts Center Malaga ©Peter-Ashley/Flickr


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