Best Clubs on Spanish Seaside

by Abeeer

The Spanish seaside is known for its abundant sunshine but also for its intense nightlife. Spanish fiestas are known to be loud and quite entertaining, and they often last till sunrise. In addition to being practically everywhere along Spain’s coastlines, Spanish clubs are also very diverse. Here you can find glamorous DJ clubs (which in Spain are called discotecas), as well as underground establishment featuring indie bands or the ubiquitous Irish pubs. While Ibiza is the number one destination for partygoers, continental Spain shouldn’t at all be underestimated. My guide to the best clubs on Spanish seaside will concentrate exclusively on these continental resorts (a post on Ibiza nightclubs is coming soon;) ):

KMDisco, Benidorm

Its lively nightclubs have helped Benidorm become very popular with partygoers worldwide. In terms of nightlife, the KMDisco is probably the most sought-after attraction in Benidorm. The club can accommodate up to 5000 people and features hot DJ parties, private parties as well as various activities like paintball or karting.

Chinawhite, Puerto Banus

Although generally listed as one of the best clubs in Malaga, Chinawhite is actually located in the chic resort of Puerto Banus. With several dance floors and a much appreciated cocktail bar, this club is perfect for dancing, but also for those who want to chill out and chat with their friends. Top DJ’s are invited periodically to entertain the crowds.

Olivia Valere, Marbella

Several miles from Puerto Banus, halfway to the neighboring resort of Marbella, you’ll find the luxurious Olivia Valere club. With a fancy decorum consisting of stained glass panels, crystal chandeliers and designer furnishings, the club creates a very distinguished, almost magical atmosphere. This is quite an upscale venue, so expect high prices and demanding dress code.

Cosa Nostra, Malaga

Don’t let yourself fooled by the gangster inspired name. Cosa Nostra is quite a cozy place to take your friends to. You’ll find a lot of students there in during the academic year, but in summer the dance floor will be yours 7 days per week. The Cosa Nostra stuff are quite proud of their cocktails, as well.

Tropics, Lloret del Mar

Tropics is probably the noisiest, trendiest club in Lloret del Mar. The club displays an explosive combination of laser lights and quality DJ music. When the famous Dj’s are not there, you’ll be able to enjoy the thematic parties (at least one per week) – colored disco lights make foam parties particularly appealing here.

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