Best Christmas Markets in Spain

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Spain is often regarded as a country with strong Christian traditions and foreigners who has the chance to live there for a while have probably discovered that there is truth in this apparent stereotype. Numerous medieval religious traditions have been preserved in Spain, and they continue to be attended by large crowds. One of these traditions, which is not necessarily specific to Spain, but nevertheless enjoys plenty of popularity, is the tradition of Christmas markets. Even if you are not a Christian, it would be a pity to travel in Spain at Christmas time and not try out some traditional foods. So here are some of the best Christmas markets in Spain, in case you are willing to give them a try:

Madrid Christmas Market

The always busy streets of Madrid get a special make-over in December, with colorful lights hanging over each major artery and elaborated nativity scenesin the city’s central squares.  But the Christmas atmosphere would not be complete without Madrid’s famous Christmas market.

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Each year Plaza Mayor becomes the host of numerous vendors, inviting visitors to indulge on Spanish sweets, bakery and meat products. Also, this Christmas market is a great place to buy hand-made Christmas decorations, as well as the mandatory Christmas tree.

Barcelona Christmas Market

Barcelona and Madrid have always fought for the title of Spain’s most beautiful and most eventful city, but in terms of Christmas markets, Barcelona is heard to beat. Its renowned Christmas market is not only very old – dating back to the 18the century – but also quite encompassing.

local food

Spanish meat products ©LeafLanguages/Flickr

While the 300+ stalls will enchant you with the most creative/delicious decorations and Catalan food, it should be noted that Pla de la Seu is also an event hot spot during the months of November and December. Thus, you’ll get the chance to listen to live carol concerts, admire the huge tree and witness the strangest local traditions.

Seville Christmas Market

More than any Spanish town, Seville is associated with large-scale religious manifestations and beautiful cathedrals. So it’s no wonder that this Southern city also has one of the best Christmas markets in Spain. Archivo de Indias is the place where Christmas decorations will be sold in Seville, but you can also pay a visit to Real Alcazar, for the annual Sweet Fair (Exposición de Dulces). Last but not least, it could be a good idea to just wander along Seville’s historic streets in search for the most impressive nativity scene representation.


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