Best Beaches in Ibiza

I have always found it fascinating how Ibiza came to represent the ultimate party destination in Europe. So far, no European capital or resort has managed to challenge Ibiza’s top rank. Thinking about the reasons behind Ibiza’s long lasting supremacy, the first thing that comes to my mind is the superb setting of the island. Where else but in the middle of this care-free Mediterranean setting, with its superb beaches and azure waters could electro music geniuses and fans come together?
Ibiza nature is indeed magnificent, which is why no matter how hard they party at night, people always find time for going at the beach – you might say that the beach is the place where all parties start and end. We’ve already dedicated one post on this blog to the world-famous clubs on the island so today I thought you mind enjoy some suggestions about where to find the best beaches in Ibiza.

Calla Vadella

by victoriapeckham

The tiny bay well-guarded by white-washed cliffs might mislead you into believing that swimmers and sun seekers are not welcome in Calla Vadella. However, as you advance towards the shore, you’ll discover a nice strip of beach tucked between coquette villas and a few little restaurants. Despite its relative isolation, this is one of the most active beaches: you’ll find a plethora of activities at your disposal, from horse riding to waterskiing.

Cala Salada

by victoriapeckham

Those looking to escape the crowds should head towards this beautiful and tranquil beach in the proximity of San Antonio. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and a green belt of Mediterranean pines so privacy is guaranteed. It’s also a great location for swimmers, who can indulge themselves into the clear, calm waters of the cove.

Cala Xarracca

It’s hard to compare Cala Xaracca to any other beach in Ibiza. The unique natural setting makes this tiny part of Ibiza’s coast look like an open air spa. While forests and cliffs descend steeply into the blue waters leaving room for a very small beach, the impression is that of a natural pool. And to make things even batter, the beach also benefits from its own mud-baths.

Es Cavallet

by st33vo

While its place among the most scenic beaches in Ibiza is disputable, Es Cavallet is definitely one of the most interesting from an anthropologic perspective. What I mean by this is that this encompassing, sand dune beaches always manages to gather the most eclectic crowd, from gay couples and nudists, to noisy multinational groups and even families.

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