Bargain Shopping in Madrid

by pipp

Althought Madrid in not quite the first among the well-established capitals of fashion, it’s a great place to shop for the average tourists. Compared to other Western European capitals, Madrid offers the same boutiques and brand stores, at slightly smaller prices. Plus, there are plenty of national brands of clothes and shoes that are little known on the international markets. For the bargain hunting shopper in each of us, here’s my guide to bargain shopping in Madrid:

Trendy Brands and Department Stores

by oscar alexander

If you are reading an article with the word bargain in the title then you are very likely not interested  to find out where the Gucci and Armani boutiques are located in Madrid. I will start therefore with some popular brands and department stores. A great location to start with is Barrio Salamanca, a shoppers paradise especially in the season of sales. Here is where all the famous Spanish brand stores (Zara, Massimo Durtti, Mango) are located, as well as most of the boutiques. Another popular shopping area, especially with youths, is Calle Fuencarral. For a complete shopping experience, head for the Grand Via shopping district.

Madrid Markets

Well, not that we reached the market chapter, it’s time for some real bargaining. Due to their colorful and eclectic nature, markets can offer you the most pleasant surprises in terms of shopping. Collectors will be delighted to find out about the existence of a Book Market, Art Market, Stamp Market and even Miniature Modeling market in Madrid. In their turn, bookworms will spend hours wondering around the Book Market. As for more generalist markets, you can try the Carfts Market or Majadahonda, where everything from souvenirs to farm products can be found. Oh! And if you are wondering about bargaining in the real sense, this is a common practice so knowing some basic Spanish could save you up a few euros for a ‘Cubata’.

Flea Markets

by Tomas Fano

There is one and world-famous flea market in Madrid: El Rastro. There is no way to predict what you might attract your attention in this agglomeration of people, clothes and antiques and. If you are a light traveler currently short on clothing El Rastro might prove to be the perfect choice. The crowd gathering each Sunday in Plaza Mario is quite impressive, so make sure you wake up early if you don’t want to go home with an empty shopping bag (‘crowded’ is the key word here, by the way so watch out for pick pocketers, as well).


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