Barcelona off the beaten path attractions

by Lola C.

Barcelona is certainly one of the most picturesque and lively cities in Europe so no wonder that its streets and monuments are always crammed with tourists. Luckily, Barcelona is big enough to allow you to breathe and discover less popular sights, beaches and restaurants. Once you’re done with exploring the central district of Barcelona and its most popular beaches, it’s time to discover some Barcelona off the beaten path attractions. It’s only then when you’ll have the fabulous Catalan city at your fingertips:

Colonia Guell

The truly unique works of architect Antoni Gaudi, culminating with the monumental Sagrada Familia, have become the trademark of Barcelona. Those who are big fans of the architect or who don’t mind a trip at the city’s outskirts will enjoy Colonia Guell. Like many of Gaudi’s project, Colonia Guell was funded by businessman Eusebi Guell. The project is unfinished, however a very original crypt can be visited today.


by mkpena

Another attraction near Barcelona is the Montserrat monastery. The monastery is  situated in a scenic location under a cliff and can be reached in just one hour by train (a reasonably priced and comfortable means of transportation in this part of Spain.) The monastery is one of the oldest in the country, first attested in the 9th century. It is a place of myth and legend, so no wonder it inspired the great composer Richard Wagner to write his opera Parsifal.


by andresumida

Montjuic is the name of a hill and neighbourhood in Barcelona which is literally packed with less known, off the beaten path attractions. In 1929 Barcelona was the host of the International Exhibition sonumerous buildings that still stand today were built. The Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe is of particular interest. Other interesting attractions are the National Museum of Catalan Art, the Joan Miro Museum and the Spanish Village. There is a funicular taking people up the hill, where they can admire a lovely panorama of the city. Also, don’t miss the musical fountain.

Plaza Sant Felipe Neri

Quite close to Barcelona cathedral lies a small but coquette little plaza, with an old fountain in the middle. The plaza is a place of very sad memories, ad throughout time many executions and killings took place in here – this explains the flowers or candles you might see near the walls of the church. However, being out of the usual tourist routes, this is a good place to catch your breath and admire the Gothic architecture and the old little fountain in the middle of the market.

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