Barcelona Clubbing Tips

With millions of visitors per year and a natural predisposition for music and playing, Barcelona shows a great potential for partying. Don’t make the mistake to believe that with Ibiza, Benidorm and Madrid as its main clubbing destination, Spain doesn’t have room for one more sensational party capital. Barcelona’s nightlife has few competitors around Europe and its clubbing scene, especially in terms of DJ and electro music, attracts a very numerous and eclectic crowd.
The following Barcelona clubbing tips might prove to be very useful for those willing to explore the clubs and pubs of this lively Spanish city:

Party Routine in Barcelona

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Like anywhere in Spain, people start going out early in the evening. At this moment, clubs are usually empty as people are either dining out or engages in some sort of pub crawling activity (which involves drinking and chatting, rather than dancing). It’s usually past midnight when people head for the nightclubs. Some of the younger locals, especially students, prefer a boteillon (sitting in groups in a public space and sharing a bottle of alcohol) instead of a pub. Once they hit the dance floor, Barcelonans will usually party till the first hours in the morning (some clubs might close at 3 or 4 am).

Popular Clubs in Barcelona

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There are all kinds of night clubs and dance clubs in Barcelona, but since out topic involves clubbing, I will only specify those clubs where DJ parties and electro music are the norm. Two such popular dance clubs in Barcelona are Ghoa Beach Club and BeCool, both of which have hosted famous European DJs. Good music and entertaining live sessions can also be enjoyed at La Paloma, Magic and Baja Beach Club. City hall and Distrito Diagonal announce an exclusively house playlist, while The Sutton Club is renowned for its class and exclusiveness.

Sonar Music Festival

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The reason why I felt like mentioning this famous Barcelona based festival is that it is closely related to the modern concept of clubbing. The Sonar Music Festival represents the most expected musical festival of the year for many of Bercelona’s youngsters. The trendiest, internationally renowned DJ’s of the moment are usually part of Sonar’s repertoire. Tickets for the festival can be really pricy, but many describe the atmosphere as mesmerizing. Another interesting thing about Sonar is that, despite being a major European music festival, it takes place within the borders of the city, and not at the outskirts.

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