Autumn Traditions and Holidays in Spain

Autumn in Spain is not as feared as in the Northern European states, where heavy rains and cold weather are often generating true epidemics of melancholia. In Spain, however, autumn is more like a slow and gradual cooling of the torrid summer. The ever present sun and warm temperatures make Spanish autumns particularly enjoyable and call for as much outdoor parties and celebrations as possible. Tourists curious to learn about autumn traditions and holidays in Spain will be delighted to learn that fiestas and celebrations are present all over the country:

Cava Week Catalunya

by cyclonebill

Autumn wouldn’t be the same without crop fests and most importantly, the sacred ritual of wine making. The inhabitants of Catalunya pay their tribute to the god of wine every year in October. Everywhere in Barcelona and its lovely surroundings there will be various events going on, from champagne tasting (as Cava champagne is the star of the event) to sports competitions and concerts. Taking the festive train to Sant Sarduni d’Anoia and witnessing the crowning of the Cava Queen are part of the fun.

La Castanada, everywhere in Spain

Like everywhere in the Christian (Catholic) world, the 1st of November marks the All Saints Day. Spaniards have developed some very interesting traditions for the all saints day, like the Castanada. After paying their tribute to the dead, people return to their homes where they serve dinner accompanied by roasted chestnuts (castanas) and in some cases a glass of white wine.

Festival de Otono, Madrid

Madrileans celebrate autumn in a very urban style with concerts, music and art events. The festival stretches along one month, usually from mid-October to mid-November and brings together arts and performers from all over Europe. Performance arts play a major part in this event, so don’t miss a visit to the circus or an experimental theater play.

Festival de Otono, Jerez de la Frontera

We’re back to wine making with one of Spain’s most eclectic events: the Autumn Festival in Jerez de la Frontera. The town is well known for its sherry but everything evolves around the grape harvest. All activities associated with this event are in as sense very traditional, so you will be able to enjoy such unique representations like puppet shows or bull fights. Gourmands have a great change to indulge on the best tapas in the area, in a monumental food competition known as Taparajez.

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