Tips for Visiting Spain in Late Autumn

by monitotxi

If you are one of those tourists who would do anything in order to avoid the summer crowds, than taking a mid to late autumn vacation in what is generally regarded as a summer resort is the best way to ensure some peace of mind. With its Canary Islands enjoying an eternal spring and the mild, sunny autumns in the south, Spain is among the few European destinations that actually get better in autumn. Here are some great tips for visiting Spain in late autumn which I’m sure will help you plan your vacation better:

Where to go

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As I said before, warmest parts of Spain are also the best to visit in autumn. The weather becomes much more bearable and if you are lucky you can even get a few hours of sunbathing. The island of Tenerife off the coast of Africa is usually the place with the most stable weather, and thus the most recommended with beachgoers.  Costa Tropical, Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz, all situated in the hot and exotic Andalucía are packed with resorts and attractions, so local businesses will be delighted to have you now that the peak season is over – expect considerable discounts, not only for accommodation but also for the flight.

What to see

In addition to beaches and beach resorts, you might also try some sightseeing. Actually sightseeing cities like Madrid, Seville, Cadiz or Granada is highly recommended in autumn, as these places tend to be unbearably hot in summer. Again, the late season might work into your advantage in terms of hotel and food prices, not to mention the pleasure of seeing top rated attractions like the Alhambra Palace or Cordoba’s Cathedral without having to queue.

What to do

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One of the best things to do in autumn is booking a wine tasting tour. Spin is famous for its fragrant red wines and its delicious cava (sparkling wine). For the true wine lover, there’s no better time than late October to visit the famous wineries around Rioja or the region of Valencia. Apart from wine tasting, lying on the beach and sightseeing, the more active of tourists can also try some hiking – the fall foliage up in the mountains of Sierra Nevada or even the Basque Pyrenees will offer amazing views.

There are usually lots of festivals and events going on during autumn in Spain, so make sure you check the local guides for some small town crop festival or maybe even an international film or theatre festival.

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