August Events in Ibiza

on Ibiza beach

fire show ©NemesisDesign/Flickr

August is one truly eventful month in Ibiza. During this hot summer month, temperatures are the highest, beaches are so full that you can hardly find room for a tiny mat, and the clubs a filled to their maximum capacity by party-goers from all parts of the world. Sounds crazy busy, you say? That’s true, but this is also the time year when the best parties and events take place in Ibiza. So if you are ready to conquer the dance floor and make the best out of this last summer month, you’d better check out these hot august events in Ibiza:

Fiesta de San Bartolomeu

Fiestas de San Bartolomeu usually start at the end of August and continue all the way through September.  Like at any real Spanish fiesta, many events are for free and take place in open air.

concert in Amnesia club

Ibiza concert ©Amnesia-Ibiza/Flickr

Throughout the several weeks of festival you’ll get the chance to attend free concerts and watch water sports competitions and impressive fireworks shows. For 2012, the event organizers are also planning to have a small medieval festival on the beach.

Crafts Market, San Antonio

If, between a morning at the beach and a lazy afternoon dinner you feel the urge of a small shopping session, the crafts market in San Antonio can be the ideal solution. Artisans from various parts of Spain will display their merchandise every week from May to September, so even if you are only visiting Ibiza you’ll get the chance to buy delicacies and souvenirs from all over Spain.

hippie market

Ibiza Market ©yashima/Flickr

Fiesta de la Tierra Fireworks Show

Another popular event in August is Fiesta de la Tierra, which, in a direct translation, means ‘Earth Fest’. The event is very popular with families, as it includes children workshops and competitions, but also an impressive number of free concerts. The main highlight of this event, however, is an impressive fireworks show, which is organized every year at the beginning of August.

on Ibiza beach

fire show ©NemesisDesign/Flickr

Ibiza Jazz Festival

You might think that Ibiza is all about beaches and club music, but the reality is that this beautiful Mediterranean island appeals to a very eclectic crowd.  Which becomes obvious if you consider events like Ibiza Jazz Festival, a four day jazz marathon that takes place in August. You might not find he greatest names in the world of jazz, but you will surely enjoy the line-up, not to mention that tickets are rather decently priced.


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