Adventure Travel Destinations in Spain

Santiago Trail

Camino de Santiago ©Fresco Tours/Flickr

Full of historic charm, blessed with sun-kissed beaches but also with picturesque mountains, Spain is the kind of tourist destination that can easily accommodate and satisfy the most various expectations. If you just want to relax under the warm Mediterranean sun, Spain offers more than enough blue-flagged beaches and beach resorts. If you’re looking for the kind of vacation that would pump adrenaline into your veins, then you’re just at the right place. Spain can be a fabulous adventure travel destination, offering not only a great variety of activities but also large open spaces and dramatic landscapes. Here are some popular adventure travel destinations in Spain you might want to consider:

Picos de Europa

Picos de Europa National Park is one of Spain’s most popular destinations in terms of mountaineering and outdoor sports. Not only are these mountains aesthetically pleasing, but they offer the perfect setting for a whole range of mountain related activities: hiking, trekking, mountain biking, climbing, abseiling. A hiking trip through Picos de Europa can do wonders in terms of restoring your physical shape and clearing your mind, and the views will certainly worth the effort.

Compostela Trail

Spain can offer some very original adventure travel experiences, and the Santiago de Compostela Trail (Camino de Santiago) is certainly among those. This famous trail is several thousands of kilometers long, and was once a major pilgrimage route in Catholic Europe. There are still many pilgrims and adventurers who follow the trail today, walking from village to village in one of the most beautiful areas of Spain.

Santiago Trail

Camino de Santiago ©Fresco Tours/Flickr

Balearic Islands

With their balmy weather, beautiful beaches and turquoise sea, the Balearic Islands are the beach destination par excellence. But they’re potential for adventure travel should not be ignored. Menorca island with its sharp peaks and narrow gorges is ideal for hiking and mountain biking, while the rugged shores of Majorca can be breathtaking if admired from a kayak.


Back to the adventurous nature of Spanish countryside and its thrilling traditions, Pamplona is one destination that should not be missed. This historic city in Northern Spain is best known for its Running of the Bulls tradition, which usually takes place in the second week of July. Thrill-seekers confident in their running abilities can easily join the race, and be chased by a herd or angry bulls through the narrow streets of old Pamplona.

Pamplona at festival time

the bull of Pamplona ©Abeeeer/Flickr

Sierra Nevada

Make it summer or winter, these mountains in Southern Spain are full of surprises. The high altitude allows the Sierra Nevada mountains to get considerable quantities of snow during the winter months. In summer, the canyons, gorges, valleys in peaks in Sierra Nevada mountains become a playground for mountaineers.

Spain mountains

Sierra Nevada panorama ©Paul and Jill/Flickr

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