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Who are we?

Spain is one of the most amazing countries in the whole world, at least in our opinion, that is why we are blogging about it so passionately. Spain Wanderer is part of the Wanderer Guides network and we are trying to mix our 8+ years experience in the travel industry with our love of this wonderful country.

We hope to provide all the tips tricks about places, people, prices and traps you might need when you come to Spain.

What can you find here?

There is so much to see and do in this country, one cannot imagine it from discovering the most beautiful beaches to learning some of the famous Spanish dances or discovering the rural side of Spain. We will help you whether you are planning a shopping trip to Madrid or you’re just interested to read about Moorish architecture. You can get to know Spanish drinks – the famous wines of Spain and many others you can get in the best seaside clubs and not only,  the coolest festivals or the most breathtaking palaces.

Learn about traditional Spanish bullfighting, walk on Antonio Gaudi’s footsteps, see the beautiful churches of Barcelona and many many other things, all in one place. o whether you need an Ibiza guide, or some suggestions for the must-see attractions of Seville. But if something is not here when you are looking for it, please just let us know and we will resolve the problem.

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