A One-Day Tour in Granada

by @Tchacky's

With its reputation as one of the most beautiful cites in Spain, Granada certainly doesn’t lack tourists. Partly European, partly Oriental, the city is rich in history and extraordinary works of architecture – a cultural delight for all those willing to explore its fantastic heritage.
If Granada is part of a longer tour through southern Spain or if you happen to be there with business, make sure you res.erve at least half a day for sightseeing in this amazing city. Even though a one-day tour in Granada might prove to be insufficient for understanding its true beauty, there is sill plenty to do and see in several hours. You have to remember that Granada is a major tourist destination so there will be plenty of guided tours to choose from, right hop on, hop off busses, segway tours or walking tours. These usually come with a well-established itinerary and professional guides. However if you’re very DIY and would like to do everything by yourself, here’s my suggested itinerary:

Alhambra Palace

by kevinpoh

This superb piece of Moorish architecture represents the number one attraction in Granada. The palace is located on a hill above the city so it might take some time to get there, but you certainly won’t regret it. The palace complex consists of the old fortress walls, the Moorish Royal Palace with its elaborate, sophisticated decors, the palace of King Charles V, as well as numerous garden and interior courts, such as the famous Court of the Lions. Quite interesting to visit is the Generalife, an old villa and garrison. This visit should take about three hours of your time, but it’s all worth the effort.

Old City and Historic Districts

by kevinpoh

As you exit the Alhambra you will go through the Puerta de las Granadas, a monumental gate marking the entrance to the palace. To your right you’ll find the historic district of Albaicin, with lots of churches and old villas (Church of Santa Isabel, Church of San Juan, Casa de Castril). Also in this area you’ll find the Arab Bathhouse.

Head to the city centre where you can wander around the Arab Bazaar and pay a visit to the monumental Granada Cathedral. The cathedral is one of the biggest in Spain, and represents a remarkable mix of styles. If you still have some time left, you can spend it in the bohemian district of Sacromonte, with its talented gypsies and their unforgettable flamenco representations.

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