A 5 Day Trip to Basque Country

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Deciding to allocate 5 days for a tour of the Basque country might seem like an unwise thing to do, however you will soon realize that you’ll hardly get enough time to see everything there is to see in this fascinating region. The Basque country is an autonomous region within the Kingdom of Spain, however the history of the region is quite complicated and its inhabitants will seldom refer at themselves as Spaniards.
Leaving historic and ethnic considerations apart, the Basque country reveals as an area of extreme beauty. It’s location at the foothills of the Pyrenees is responsible for the incredible views you’ll encounter in your tours: alpine meadows, terraced hills covered by vineyards, rugged coastlines and snow capped peaks – more than enough to fill a 5 day trip to Basque Country. Here is a possible itinerary for the whole trip, with suggested attractions for each of the five days:

Day 1 – Arrival in Bilbao

Bilbao is the biggest city in Basque country and the most modern under certain aspects. It has an international airport and it is located in the western extremity of the region so it’s a great place to start your trip. There are lots of places to wander around in Bilbao, from the very famous Guggenheim Museum to the old town with its old churches and Basque History Museum. Also worth seeing is the Memory Lane, a monument dedicated to the city’s past.

Day 2 – Attractions around Bilbao

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Attractions around Bilbao include the small town of Bermeo, Portugalete and Lequeitio. While some of these towns have an obvious industrial past, the trip there is worth of the effort. Apart for scenic drives, you might also enjoy the small and coquette beaches bordering them.

Day 3 – Vitoria-Gasteiz

Much smaller than Bilbao, the city of Vitoria is the host of the Basque Parliament and of numerous palaces and museums. Its large squares and modern buildings reflect its more dynamic industrial side.

Day 4 – Guernica Y Luno

In the very heart of the Basque territory lies the small town of Guernica, once the spiritual and political centre of the basque region. The old oak-tree in the town center is a testimony of those times. A devastating air raid during the Civil War resulted in thousands of deaths and was immortalized by Pablo Picasso in his famous Guernica painting.

Day 5 – San Sebastian

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The last day should be entirely reserved for the picturesque city of San Sebastian. The pearl of Costa Vasca, this historic town and resort is much appreciated for its lovely beaches and well preserved old center. It’s also a great wine and tapas tasting destination. 😉

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