The Salvador Dali Heritage in Spain


by srett

Seen by some as a mad genius, by other as one of a true visionary, Salvador Dali is, without any doubt, one of the great artists of the 20th century. Although his name is often associated with that of Pablo Picasso, Dali’s contemporary, friend and rival, the two artists have almost nothing in common in terms of artistic creation. Both Dali and Picasso were born in Spain; they both spend tome and Paris and enjoyed great popularity during their lifetime. We have so far dedicated a whole post to the latter, so this is why today our focus is on the Salvador Dali heritage in Spain.

Salvador Dali and his Surrealist style became so famous that few people ever think of him as a Spanish painter. Dali married a Russian and spent much of his time in France and USA, but a part of his soul has always remained with the Andalusian plains where he was born. Even though today much of Dali’s paintings can be admired in the major museums around the world, some of them have stayed in the native Spain:

Dali Museum, Figueres

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This is probably the most famous of all Spanish museums dedicated to Dali. The museum is located quite close to Barcelona, so it’s always filled with tourists curious to admire the creations of this nonconformist artist. Inside you can see paintings, jewelries and sculptures created by Dali, but the museum itself can be considered a work of art (the building used to be a theatre).

House Salvador Dali, Portliggat

This old and beautiful house on the shore of the Mediterranean has been Dali’s residence and workshop for many, many years. The house furniture was preserved so that visitors can walk through this labyrinthic artist’s nest and try to step, at least for a while, into the shoes of a genius and visionary.  It’s not the usual family house, so be prepared for a unique experience.

Gala Dali Castle, Pubol

by jaume meneses

Gala was Dali’s beloved wife and after her death the artists moved to the Pubol residence, where he spent the rest for his life. It is fascinating to see how Dali used his creative energy to decorate this old castle: his genius seems to still haunt the place.

Places in Spain where you can see works by Dali

The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid holds the largest collection of Dali paintings in Spain. Other isolated works might be found in private collections, however real fans of Dali would even travel to California and Paris to admire his work.




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